The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

It is amazing, the amount of effort we invest in avoiding unpleasant situations, emotions and experiences. The real problem is that in attempt to insulate ourselves from them we block our passion and lust for life, we loose the awe and magic of being alive.

Besides, whichever tactics we use – we fail. There is deep innate longing in all of us to experience what-is.

Maybe the ability to tolerate the intolerable is the key to living. No need to fight, suppress, annihilate, control, suck, hurt.

It is what it is. And guess what – it’s not bad at all. As a little kid we are not able to see that, and we develop our defenses because it’s just too much. Later on we keep them even if they damage us and our environments.

For how long do you want to run around with frozen horrors of a 2 year old ?