Leaving the HECS (Human Energy Consciousness System) in all of its beauty and magnificence aside for a moment the healing process for me is about manipulation of probabilities – of all possible futures one will be frozen as reality. The idea is that we can influence which one will that be. Want deeper explanation?

Using 50+ techniques I have learned during my education at BBSHE and working together with the client (who is a subject and not object in the healing process) we will strive to achieve client-set goals.

I will not dive into more detailed descriptions here on purpose –  there are tons of books on Chakras alone and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Please refer to Swiss Association of BHS® Practitioners for more general information and recommended reading.

I don’t think that nurturing any kind of spiritual belief system is prerequisite for successful healing. Still, a certain openness to new ideas, willingness to question existing ones and curiosity about how deep the rabbit hole goes do go a long way.

We will be working on all dimensions of the 4D model, depending on your issues and areas you need help with.

4D Model

About the Work and it’s Foundation

The 4D model of human being-ness has its foundation in the work of Barbara Ann Brennan, NASA Physicist and a Healer who attempted to provide a framework in which different techniques could be developed and used to help us in difficulties that we face as human beings.

As any how-the-world-works model, physical or metaphysical it is a metaphorical representation of reality. Of course, it is necessary to ‘put it to the test’ through as-neutral-as-possible observation of the world inside and outside of us. As long as they fit together we can use it, and if something doesn’t fit we have to adapt or change it however great the resistance is. And we do defend our models with blood, sweat and tears.

We have inherited models through upbringing and DNA, we did modify them through dramatic events in early childhood and in time we did solidify them into what the life | universe | everything is (and no, it’s not 42).

The model becomes The World.

Building blocks are very simple and arise from our fear from unknown – so we put things in boxes with labels and forget about the complex content, just the labels stay. Then we use labels to build more or less complex belief systems. These can, after a while, withstand 100% bullshit factor and lack of data; they can be even be beautiful and refined and just as ignorant. And please do not think that it doesn’t apply to you.
‘I am all love’ is just as distorted as ‘All woman are bitches’.

You will find evidence to support your Model in everyday life, over and over again, day after day and it will look like the world is providing them when actually it’s the distorted interpretation of fucked up measurement system. We will simply pick things that support our Model.

Personally I think that the basic fundamental skill or awareness to be developed on any journey is awareness of the model we are using, and its limitations, failures and successes, it’s impact on our life and the life of others.

Avoid generalization, collect data, reevaluate what you know, seek what you long for, question everything, stay in tune with your feelings.

There is a danger in knowing. When we Know we stop exploring. We stop growing. So a little bit of reasonable doubt, little bit of child’s curiosity, little bit of wonder can go a long way. Still some things are certain. If you are reading this you are alive. Someday you won’t be. All man must die. But first we’ll live! It is our task to do something with the time we have, for us and for others.

In my personal opinion the 4D model is the best attempt so far to describe and deal with underlying structure of human consciousness extending from our thoughts, feelings, intentions to our actions, our physicality and generally our place in this amazing world we live in.

Location in Space-Time

No-dimensional Space


A Place where Rules do not apply

Universe in a Dot

The Core of our Being

Who we truly are

All the potential, All the possibilities

A Ray


The Path

On this level we are perceived as 1 dimensional being – a Line connecting our physicality, ability to manifest, our longings, uniqueness and sense of purpose

It helps us bringing clarity to reasons for not living the lives we long for

It is like a road on a map of our lives, connecting where we are and where we want to be. Actually, from where we think we are to where we think we want to be

Changes on this level have profound effect on the landscape of our reality – different paths offer different views. It is the foundation of out world view and influences tremendously our perceptions of reality

A Surface



Chakras, HECS (Human Energy-Consciousness System)

It is usually perceived as forms in 3D space but for me it is an assembly of multitude of membranes sharing certain characteristics in non-linear space

This dimension is like a geographic map. It is deeply influenced by 1D (mostly unknowingly) and it contains all the things we see and experience on our path – our thoughts, feelings, emotions, will and templates, relationships with others and ourselves

It is a mixture of templates (family relations influencing later relationships, predispositions to certain illnesses) and fast changing moment-to-moment constellations – sudden insight into a problem, love on first sight, overwhelming rage

4D Model works with 7 Levels of the field, each containing different aspects of our being

A Volume


Atoms, Molecules, Cells

Physical World

Our Bodies, in health and illness


Principles of Practice

I commit to use my training, skills, and intention in service of the health, welfare, and spiritual healing of the client. I provide those services commensurate with my training and competence, and refer the client to other medical professionals and care providers in other disciplines as appropriate and necessary. I  do not offer, promise, or provide medical diagnoses or prescriptions and do not promise medical cures or recoveries.

… I will obtain the client’s consent to these services, or as appropriate the consent of the client’s legal guardian, prior to service. I will maintain professional boundaries with the client. I am sensitive to real and ascribed differences in awareness and power between me and the client, and do not exploit such differences or perceptions during or after the professional relationship for the my personal gratification or benefit.

I respect the fundamental dignity, worth, and personal journey of all clients, regardless of age, gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status. I am striving to be aware of and sensitive to cultural, individual, and role differences. I respect the right of each client to hold values, attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that differ from my own. I will  support each client’s self-empowerment, self-determination, and transformational processes in learning to make life choices, and understanding the consequences of those choices. I am aware of my role in maintaining the integrity of healing and the healing profession with regard to clients, to the society in which I live, and to the global community of the sacred human heart.

I do honor and do not disclose to anyone the client’s confidences or client records, if any, including the name or identity of the client or identifying information, except:

  • if and to the extent authorized by the client
  • as required for my professional supervision where the client remains  anonymous, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the supervision
  • when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client or others

At the client’s written request or approval, and according to the capabilities, good conscience, and my professional judgment I may consult with the client’s other medical professionals as appropriate to maximize the benefits to the client.

… This involves regular individual supervision sessions with a qualified professional. I obligate to be alert to signs of, and to obtain professional assistance for, any unresolved personal problems, countertransference, and emotional reactions, in order to prevent impairment of the client relationship. I will terminates a client relationship when it becomes reasonably clear that the client no longer needs or is not benefiting from continued service. Prior to any termination of service, if and to the extent applicable and practicable, I will give reasonable notice to the client of the termination and assists the client in finding alternative professional services.

About Me

Brief Sketch


I was always interested in what lies below the surface.

I am a Reiki Master and Brennan Healing Science Certified Practitioner.

…and yes, I love the desert 🙂