4 fundamental forces in physics:

Gravity – a force of shaping and deforming | requires only presence of matter

Strong – a force of binding, gets stronger with increasing distance | requires closeness and right mixture of ingredients

Weak – a force of destruction but also change and transformation | requires time but happens in an unpredictable instant

Electromagnetic – a force of attraction and repulsion | requires charge and duality

It’s interesting to look at all that we experience through this 4 fundamental principles

May the Force be with you !


Everything that happens to us we see through distorted glasses. That’s just how it is. And we like to make judgements, simplify, compartmentalize and in the end keep wrong conclusions about false and/or missing data as reality.

There is a Middle Ages concept of Horror Vacui – The devil lives in empty space. We fill the empty space with prejudices, fallacies, anything ot of some primordial terror of emptiness of not knowing.

And then we think WE KNOW. And when we know there is no need to learn and expand.

The root of most evil.